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Our Story

Vybe is built on four core principles – a high quality product, excellent customer service, fast & free shipping and our dedication to designing and hand-crafting modern, affordable, solid wood furniture.

What started out as a necessity for a coffee table and realising much of what was sold in big box stores was expensive and poor quality, we set about building high quality, handmade, long lasting, ethically sourced, solid wood furniture.


The Vybe Difference?

  • We handcraft everything you see in our store - from raw wood to the finished product, shipped direct to you
  • The majority of the furniture sold in stores or online today is mass produced, imported and highly processed. They are built from chemically produced materials like particle board - wood chips bonded together with resin and hidden beneath a paper-thin veneer of wood.
  • Our pieces are built with real, solid woods from sustainable FSC certified forests. Every piece is individually crafted, creating its own unique beauty
  • By selling direct to you we cut out logistics, warehousing, transport, showrooms, salespeople. These savings are passed directly on to you
  • We offer customization in all the sizes and styles and sometimes take on unique projects
  • Our furniture lasts for life and can be re-finished multiple times, an advantage of using solid wood
  • Moving house? It's as easy as screwing the legs off, boxing it and re attaching them in your new place
  • Along with the quality of our product customer service is our main priority, we aren't happy if you're not


Our Commitment to the Environment

  • We use wood from local, sustainable FSC certified forests.
  • When you buy from us you are getting a product hand crafted in Montréal and not imported from overseas - this makes our carbon footprint significantly lower than most furniture retailers.
  • Our packaging is 99% recyclable, and we recycle 70% of our production waste.
  • Our shop is powered by 100% renewable hydro electricity.


Thanks for shopping with us!

Team Vybe